Carbide material
Fuji Die produce and sinters cemented carbide from raw powder materials. We have a wide range of cemented carbide materials with different hardness and properties.
From our wide range of selection, we will propose the most suitable carbide grade based on your manufacturing needs.
Carbide precision mold

The company has an integrated production system, from the preparation of the raw powder to the final machining of the mould tools.
The production of cemented carbide begins with the preparation of raw material powder, and the alloy material is completed by vacuum sintering at approximately 1300℃.
This material is processed by cutting, grinding, electrical discharge machining, and lapping to make the surface mirror-smooth to create high-quality carbide wear-resistant tools.

Plasticity processed mold
Cold forging dies
Cold forging
Lens moulding dies
Battery-related moulds
Moulds for generating
ultra-high pressure
Moulds for generating ultra-high pressure
Powder molding dies
Other tools

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